If you’ve been constantly late with your loans payment, it’s about time you consider changing your financial strategies. Delinquent payments is a sign that you’re not managing your finances effectively. As a result, your credit score can suffer, you become stressed and your finances are messed up. Here are the top ways to make sure you don’t get another late fee on your loans again.

Tweak Your Budget

Look at your budget and see if you’ve even included your payments for loans for people with bad credit there. If it’s not in the priority, there’s a good chance that you’ll have to come up with the money at the last minute. But if you’ve properly allocated the funds for the payments, you know it’s there and you just have to turn it in on or before the deadline.

Consider Automated Payments

There is profound beauty in automating payments: the amount of the payment is automatically deducted from your account on a set date each month. You don’t see it but you know your loans and bills get paid. Do ask your lender if this is available in their system and take advantage of it if they say yes.

Do Not Borrow More than You Can Afford 

It’s easy to get overboard with your loan amount especially if your lender allows you to borrow more than you expected. For instance, you only need $500 in loans for people with bad credit, but the lender says you can go as high as $1000. While you don’t need the extra $500, you still took the chance without thinking of the consequence. As a result, you’ll have to pay more for the loan and probably at a price you didn’t know you can’t afford.

Indeed getting a loan is fast and convenient, but the true problem comes up when you realize you couldn’t make the payments on time. Any amount of loan shouldn’t be taken so lightly and you must first check in with your finances before making a commitment with your lender.



Find New and Used Items for Way Below Retail!

If you love reading, music and movies as much as I do, you’ve probably noticed that these can be expensive habits. Over the years, I have found several ways to save money without skimping on quality or waiting months for new releases to find their way to the bargain bin. Of course, you can save even more if you are willing to buy or swap used items, but by using the resources below, you can also find new books, CDs and DVDs at discounted prices.

Where to Swap Online

There are several websites dedicated solely to swapping goods via the Internet. Most of them are easy to use and have a wide selection of items to choose from. This is a great way to exchange books, CDs, DVDs and other items that you no longer want for things that will be “new” to you.

Swap Tree – This is my favorite swapping site for books, CDs and DVDs. When I began using this site it took me about 5 minutes to register and list the books that I had chosen as test swaps. Within 24 hours, I already had two swaps and was completely sold on this great site.

So, here’s how it works – you find books, CDs or DVDs that you no longer want and list them on the site simply by typing in their ISBN or UPC. With that info, the site automatically creates a listing with a picture and description. Then, you enter items that you want on your “want list,” or browse the site and click on available items to add them. Once a trade has been found, you receive an email with the option to accept or deny the trade. If you accept, you print a media mail shipping label right on the site and send your item off to your trade partner.

Most of the items I swap were purchased used or on sale either online or at stores, so I didn’t pay full price for them in the first place. Now, swapping them for something else that I want and only paying shipping (about $2.50 per book) makes my little frugal heart smile. And, here’s a tip to save even more money – keep the shipping envelopes from the swaps you receive and reuse them for your next swap!

Bookins – This is another site where you can swap books and DVDs with other registered users. Books are given a point value, so you get points for each item you ship and then use those points to select items you want. You pay a flat shipping rate of $4.99 for each item that you receive. Items that you send are shipped with a free shipping label you print off the site.

Paperback Swap – This is another points-based swapping club where you can print a shipping label on the site (usually about $2.13) and can swap CDs, DVDs, and books.

Title Trader – Title Trader is also a points-based swapping club where you can swap not only books, but also CDs, DVDs, sporting goods, tools, jewelry, office products, software, toys and even VHS tapes. Like the above sites, you list your items and get points each time you send one of your items to another user. Then you use those points to “purchase” things on the site. You can also buy points if you don’t have enough for something that you want.

Another great way to swap (and save on shipping) is to start your own local swapping group in your community, on yahoo groups or with your friends.

Where to Compare Prices and Buy Online

Another great way to save money on books, CDs or DVDs is to use one of the many websites that will search and compare prices for you. If I can’t find what I’m looking for on a swapping site, this is the next place I look for the best prices.

Cheapest Book Price – Simply type in the ISBN, title, author or keywords for the book you are looking for and this site will tell you which online stores have it and allows you to see all of the prices at once. It will also tell you if the item is new or used and how much you will pay for shipping.

Cheapest CD Price – This is a sister site to Cheapest Book Price and works exactly the same way, just for CDs instead of books.

Cheapest DVD Price – Yep, same thing as above, but this time for DVDs.

Amazon – Amazon, of course, is a major online marketplace for books, CDs and DVDS and tons of other items. For the best deals, bypass their listed price and look for the link that says “used & new available from…” – that is where you will find the best prices. It still goes through Amazon, even though many of the sellers are smaller stores, and these purchases aren’t eligible for Amazon’s Super Saver Shipping. But, with used books for as little as $1.50 in some cases, it’s definitely worth a look.

Price Viewer– On this website, like Cheapest Price Books, you enter the book you are looking for using the title, author, keywords or ISBN, then the site searches for you and presents you with a list of booksellers and their prices. If you are serious about saving, it’s worth doing a search on both Cheapest Book Price and Price Viewer – I’ve noticed that sometimes different sites are listed on each one.

eBay – eBay is great auction website for finding lower priced goods. The key to big savings is to have the patience to lose a few auctions and to watch out for the shipping prices. Sometimes you will find a great price on an item, only to find that the shipping charge is more than the item is worth. Also, always check some of the search and compare sites listed above before you bid – quite often I will find a price through those sites that is lower than the minimum bid for the same item on eBay.

Book Closeouts – You may not always find bestsellers on this site, but all of the items are listed below retail price. For the best deals, check out the “Scratch & Dent” section, where most items are discounted by 75%.

simple saveGoing to shop for a new computer can be a great experience. It’s exciting, which is odd, considering how much trouble your future computer will probably give you. Still, there are some not-so-pleasant aspects to computer shopping as well. Namely, the price aspect. Still, if you look carefully, there are some great ways to save money on computers.

Don’t be lured in with options.

Being something of a tech geek, I get upset any time someone limits their selection choice because they say they “only want a computer with built in web-cams” or that they “only want a computer with a blu-ray player”. This is ridiculous. Always, always keep in mind that almost all options, including web-cams and blu-ray players, can be bought separately from the computer itself. Don’t limit your choices based on options. It’s really not much of a pain to buy external options separately when it has the potential to save you hundreds of dollars.

Anti-Virus Software…

Absolutely does not need to be purchased with a new computer. Your best bet is to simply bring your computer home without buying any ridiculously expensive anti-virus software, and then installing a freeware anti-virus program (such as AVG Free, which I support completely) instead. Do not install more than one firewall. Some believe this will aid your computer’s defenses, but it will not. In fact, conflicting firewalls may harm your computer’s security.

A Computer for browsing Facebook, Checking Email, and Surfing Youtube…

Is just about any computer that was built after 2013. Don’t buy anything greater than what you need. Don’t be afraid to buy what isn’t the most modern if that’s not what you need. If you ask around, chances are you can find brand new models that are a few years old that haven’t sold. You can generally buy computers like these at prices that are significantly lower than new models found in retail computer stores.

Flat Screen Monitors:

These monitors are appealing, yes, but not necessary. Older VGA monitors work with most modern computers. If you can and you’re willing to, feel free to opt to buy the computer separate from the monitor. You can find good deals in computer packages, sure, but buying individual components is always going to be cheaper.

Retail Stores vs. Buying Online:

Buying online from a trusted retailer is not a bad option, but buying a computer in person is sometimes the better way to shop for a cheaper computer. When you’re face to face with a clerk, you can ask about options and stock with real-time results. Also, you have the lovely advantage of physically being in the presence of whatever you’re about to buy. Call me crazy, but I think that’s a reasonably decent benefit to shopping in person.

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trustworthy personal Loans

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