simple saveGoing to shop for a new computer can be a great experience. It’s exciting, which is odd, considering how much trouble your future computer will probably give you. Still, there are some not-so-pleasant aspects to computer shopping as well. Namely, the price aspect. Still, if you look carefully, there are some great ways to save money on computers.

Don’t be lured in with options.

Being something of a tech geek, I get upset any time someone limits their selection choice because they say they “only want a computer with built in web-cams” or that they “only want a computer with a blu-ray player”. This is ridiculous. Always, always keep in mind that almost all options, including web-cams and blu-ray players, can be bought separately from the computer itself. Don’t limit your choices based on options. It’s really not much of a pain to buy external options separately when it has the potential to save you hundreds of dollars.

Anti-Virus Software…

Absolutely does not need to be purchased with a new computer. Your best bet is to simply bring your computer home without buying any ridiculously expensive anti-virus software, and then installing a freeware anti-virus program (such as AVG Free, which I support completely) instead. Do not install more than one firewall. Some believe this will aid your computer’s defenses, but it will not. In fact, conflicting firewalls may harm your computer’s security.

A Computer for browsing Facebook, Checking Email, and Surfing Youtube…

Is just about any computer that was built after 2013. Don’t buy anything greater than what you need. Don’t be afraid to buy what isn’t the most modern if that’s not what you need. If you ask around, chances are you can find brand new models that are a few years old that haven’t sold. You can generally buy computers like these at prices that are significantly lower than new models found in retail computer stores.

Flat Screen Monitors:

These monitors are appealing, yes, but not necessary. Older VGA monitors work with most modern computers. If you can and you’re willing to, feel free to opt to buy the computer separate from the monitor. You can find good deals in computer packages, sure, but buying individual components is always going to be cheaper.

Retail Stores vs. Buying Online:

Buying online from a trusted retailer is not a bad option, but buying a computer in person is sometimes the better way to shop for a cheaper computer. When you’re face to face with a clerk, you can ask about options and stock with real-time results. Also, you have the lovely advantage of physically being in the presence of whatever you’re about to buy. Call me crazy, but I think that’s a reasonably decent benefit to shopping in person.

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